Sri Lanka’s voice being heard globally

2020 will be a year we all remember, beyond the direct impact of CV-19 on societies and communities around the world – it’s been a year that saw economies and industries crash, supply chains crumble and daily processes and routines turned upside down.

Key issues and pressure facing the fashion industry prior to CV-19 have only amplified and the priority and importance of finding solutions to the multitude of complex issues is paramount. From slumping global demand, shrinking retail landscape and world-wide cancelled orders – if there is one thing that we have learnt from CV-19, it was that we were not prepared and the cracks between the supply chain, industry and education, have only widened.

Much of the key issues stem from the boom of fast fashion in the past two decades,  which rests on a model of mass-production that prioritises profit and growth over social and sustainable responsibility. But as supply chains, and their injustices, become more transparent, the consumer demands change. Change can only occur when the right leaders, policies and visionaries are in place.

Core to change is Education!

To address this ever growing need, international forum platform PI Apparel together with Institute of Future Creations, KEA and Circular Economy have organized a global summit Sustainability in Education – The Educators’ Summit 2020 on Thursday November 5th.

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