Janashakthi Life Great Manager Awards Launched Setting New Standards for Leadership.

Janashakthi Life, a leading life insurance provider in Sri Lanka, recently launched the “Janashakthi Life Great Manager Awards” to celebrate outstanding performance of its managerial talent within the sales force. The event was graced by a special guest, cricket legend, and Director Mahela Jayawardena, who shared valuable insights on effective management, leadership, and the significance of work-life balance with the audience. Prakash Schaffter, Deputy Chairman of Janashakthi Life, and Ravi Liyanage, Director/CEO, were also present at the gathering.

Ravi Liyanage, Director/CEO, emphasized the significance of the momentous occasion in a passionate speech, stating, “Today marks a pivotal moment in our journey at Janashakthi Life as we gather to reflect on our progress and chart the course ahead. Delving into the theme of moving ‘from good to great’ and building to last, let us embrace long-term sustainable actions and results, leverage technology, and empower each individual to excel profoundly in their unique strengths while adeptly managing other responsibilities.”

Speaking about this latest launch, he further expressed, “I am exceptionally proud of our Janashakthi Life managerial team. I take pride in witnessing numerous exceptional qualities within them. These individuals are not solely focused on personal advancement, they are also dedicated to nurturing the careers of those entrusted to their care. I’ve seen them make tough decisions while demonstrating compassion for the needs of each team member. On the ground level, they actively push for success. It is imperative that we celebrate their dedication. In every action we take, we strive to foster an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to the collective success of Janashakthi Life.”

The evening also included a panel discussion featuring the distinguished guests, providing insights into the mind-set required to achieve targets. Additionally, the event marked the launch of the award criteria, setting the standards for recognizing excellence among Janashakthi Life’s managerial team.

Staying true to its corporate purpose of “uplifting lives and empowering dreams”, Janashakthi Life has always strived to deliver greater value to all its stakeholders ethically and transparently. On the customer front, the insurer brings this to life through its ground-breaking insurance solutions and services that cater to their evolving needs at every stage of their lives. Extending this purpose to its engagement with its employees, Janashakthi Life has always sought to offer team members a highly supportive work environment that empowers them to grow and realize their dreams and aspirations.

Over a span of 29 years, Janashakthi Insurance PLC has continued to revolutionize the insurance industry and journeyed forward to become a force to be reckoned with. Its island-wide network of 75+ branches enable people from all walks of life to access its unique insurance solutions.


About Janashakthi Insurance PLC

Founded in 1994 as a Life Insurance company, Janashakthi Insurance PLC made its mark in the industry as an innovator and household name over a span of over 28 years. Janashakthi Life has a strong presence across the island, with an expanding Life Insurance network of over 75 branches and a dedicated call centre. In line with its purpose of uplifting lives and empowering dreams, Janashakthi Life remains committed to becoming a leader in the Life Insurance industry by delivering a service beyond Insurance to its customers and stakeholders. Janashakthi Insurance PLC is a member of the Janashakthi Group that operates in the Insurance, Finance, and Investment sectors.

The Board of Directors of Janashakthi Insurance PLC comprises of Prakash Schaffter, Ravi Liyanage, Ramesh Schaffter, Nathan Sivagananathan, Avindra Rodrigo, Mahela Jayawardena, Warini De Costa, Annika Senanayake, Sivakrishnarajah Renganathan and Dr. Nishan de Mel.

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